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Wacken? Hell Yeah !!!

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Wacken open Air 2012
Co přinese 23 ročník tohoto největšího festivalu v Evropě? Už ted se můžete těšit na Scorpions , Ministry , Hammerfall , U.D.O. , Amon Amarth , GammaRay , Cradle of Filth

Wacken is not just about the music Wacken is a friendly peacefully.And when you go to Wacken Open Air do not forget the good manners!
Videos will be available on my YouTube channel or Vimeo channel

SCORPIONS – Best of… last german Open Air Show ever!
They wrote music history and are one of the most successful German rock bands of all time! We speak about the Scorpions! Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine & Co will shake the field during the “Night to Remember“ for the last time with a “Best of” setlist without any comparison. A really unforgettable live experience and a MUST SEE for all fans who want to see their idols for the last time on a German Open Air stage!

MINISTRY – Best of… Show
Uncle Al is back! The industrial legend, which created a completely new style of metal with the record “Psalm 69”, is back again!
After their 25th anniversary farewell shows back in 2008 the band of mastermind Al Jourgensen returns to destroy Wacken once again!

Hammerfall – Anniversary Show
The Swedish power metal legend returns to Wacken! Joacim Cans and his band played W:O:A for the first time 15 years ago and will celebrate this stage-anniversary in 2012 with us!

U.D.O will also rock Wackens stage in 2012 and will celebrate their unique anniversary and birthday show!

Amon Amarth
The Vikings return to Wacken! After climbing to the top of the Viking metal scene during the last few years, Amon Amarth will be back once again; FASTER:HARDER:LOUDER !

The german speed-/power metal heroes give themselves the honor to play the Wacken Open Air 2012! Kai Hansen and his colleagues will be burning down the house!

Cradle of Filth
After they unexpectedly had to cancel this year it was a matter of honour for them to confirm for W:O:A 2012

Here are the facts:
23rd Wacken Open Air 2012

Wacken Open Air 2012 News

Six Feet Under and Endstille at Wacken 2012!

It´s getting hard in the next year! With our next two announcement both death- and black metal fraction will be served very well.

Death metal primary rock Chris Barnes and his guys from SIX FEET UNDER will return to Wacken after some years of abstinence to unleash the death groove grinder once again!
A fest for every death metal fan!

With the German black metal institution ENDSTILLE we also welcome some old friends back on the holy ground! After their last studio album “Infektion 1813”” the guys return back on stage to cover the festival in darkness again!

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